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Rent a Surf Rack (Nmax) in Bali for Your Adventure

Get ready to explore the waves of Bali with our convenient surf rack rentals. Attach your surfboard securely to any motorbike, bike or scooter and hit the beach!

US$ 1 / day
US$0.65 / day

Allows you to bring your surfboard along on your day trips.
Be aware that the surf racks add an extra foot to the width of you your motorbike and could get caught on to other vehicles whilst passing by or zipping through traffic. 

Enjoy Endless Surfing Adventures with Nmax Surf Rack!

Bali, an island of playful waves and surf enthusiasts, is the perfect destination for all the beach bums out there. Although, getting to your desired surf spot can be quite a hassle. But worry not! Renting a motorbike or scooter, such as Yamaha Nmax, on your day trips will allow you to conveniently carry your surfboard with you. From the Southern Uluwatu to Echo Beach in Canggu, you can explore all the famous surf spots while easily transporting your beloved board. Don't let the hassle of transportation come in the way of you catching the perfect wave. Experience Bali's beautiful coastline and surf like a local with a rented motorbike.


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