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Yamaha TMax 560CC

Whether on holiday, a business trip, or here to stay, our number one priority is to offer you a hassle-free rental service. With a fleet of 150 fully- insured, well-serviced scooters rest-assured that when you rent with us – a good, safe and serviced scooter is our number one concern!! Specializing mostly in Yamaha, our selection varies from the largest, heaviest and most powerful – The Tmax (560cc) followed suit by the Xmax (250cc), the Nmax (155cc). The Yamaha Gear is also made available for customers seeking a lighter and smaller scooter (125cc).

A word of advice:

Travelling by scooter in Bali is by far the quickest way to get around. A fun and efficient mode of transportation, however, it can also be one of the most dangerous, therefore we caution you to read through the links provided and make sure you are confident on a scooter before you try to ride one on Bali’s busy and unpredictable roads. (*See the attached links)

Safety – While driving & While Parked:

Wearing helmets is a sensible option and not worth the risk should you end up coming off your scooter. Like at home – Don’t drink and drive!! To respect the Balinese culture, it is advised to wear a t-shirt (for men) and appropriate clothing (for women) when riding around busy areas. An *International driving license is required when you drive a scooter or car in Bali.

The odds of getting stopped on the side of the road by Police for not carrying an International driving license is unpredictable, yet more often than not it happens. When stopped, each experience differs from another, but all stories lead back to one main reason, payment. (Please see links provided with tips)

Keep bags, phones and wallets out of arms’ reach. Traffic lights are a common place for bag-snatchers and thieves. Leaving your valuables in the seat of your scooter while you go into someplace – is not a safe option!! Seats can be lifted wide enough for a hand to reach in.

If parked for more than an hour, make sure to lock the key hole. This discourages someone from accidentally taking your scooter or someone making an extra key while parked outside your villa.

*We provide a service at an extra charge of 180$ to make an Indonesian driving license ( Valid 5 years ). This will require max 2 hours your time. If you plan to stay in Indonesia , this option might save you alot of headaches/fines in the end.

Directions & Google map:

Most often accurate, following google map will take you places with the best routes possible.

A navigator behind you (on the back seat) is the safest option for getting to your destination. But if you are travelling on your own, best to plug in your earphones to hear your way through to the place. Knowing where you are going to before you set off, is the safest way to avoiding stopping on the side of the road to check your map. This attracts the attention of the locals and puts out the signal that you are lost. In most cases the locals are very helpful, but sometimes this might not work to your favour.

Special Features & Items offered:

  • Surf rack
  • Rain Coat
  • Helmets
  • Phone holder
  • Top Case

Places to Go:

Our top suggestions for dining are…

Things to do…

Places to go…

Travelling with children:

Keep your (infant-toddler) child between you throughout your travels. Once he/she can sit up independently then of course the front seat is alot of fun. Make sure your child has its own crash helmet.

Child chairs with mini seat belts are available for purchase and are placed between the steering wheel and driver. This is only relevant to our Yamaha Gear.

Observe, Watch & Listen:

Flat tyre – Look for a sign that says ‘Pres Ban’

Fuel – Pertamax is the preferred option. In case you are running very low, fuel is sold on the side of the road in Vodka Absolute bottles. This fuel is often mixed to subsidize it. You will find your tank will go through this fuel very quickly and in fact it is not good for the engines.

International driving license – Will be asked of you if/when you get pulled over.

Traffic – Look out for not only oncoming traffic, but even other scooters coming at you on the wrong side of the road. Agreed that this is very dangerous…

however you will find that most locals cut corners by coming at you on the wrong side of the road.

Great links with tips to riding scooters in Bali:



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